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What we're about

Prope Mare Environment Agency was formed in 2003 committed to sustainable development. We began as two guys with a cacoethes for creating simple, effective and sustainable solutions that will help to save environment, people and business. We are composed by a small, concentrated team of consultants based in Tartu, Estonia.

The firm was founded to help organizations set strategic direction and policy, solve problems, improve performance and environmental results, develop innovative management approaches, and evaluate effectiveness and progress.

"We are situated in Estonia but are not limited to that region."

Our philosophy is really simple: we listen, we do the research, and we act upon suggestions - this helps us to achieve goals. We believe in listening to our clients and working with them to achieve their objectives. For us, a job well done is defined by exceeding our clients' expectations.

We are committed to providing forward thinking services that will add value to your business. We always conduct an in-depth review to understand your current situation, discuss your plans for the future and your financial and strategic goals. It's only by taking the time to be aware of your needs and your future aspirations that we can provide the service that is right for you.

Our aim is not to be just your consultant but to become an integral and necessary part of your team. Consultants produce mostly smart papers but we are explain, interpret and translate the papers into meaningful facts that can be used to improve your business.

Prope Mare Environment Agency works with clients in Estonia and around the world. We can communicate in several languages, including English, Russian.

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